Office 365


 Over the last year as part of some upgrading work we chose to move to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Office 365 is much more than just an email system, it combines the main Office products in one place with almost unlimited Cloud storage, real-time collaboration and high availability on any device. 

All Students have access to the added features of O365, this document describes the very basics of connecting to the system.

O365 is available anywhere with an internet connection and is compatible with most browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). 

To log into Chipping Sodbury’s Office 365 system, you can either click on the link on the school website or go to the following web address https://login.microsoftonline.com

User your email address and network password to log in

When logged in you can access the features of Office 365 from the main screen or by clicking the square box on the top left of the browser.

Other Functionality of O365

Clicking on the ‘One Drive’ Tile opens up your personal storage area within O365.

You can ‘drag and drop’ from your network drive directly in to One Drive and then access them from anywhere.  You can get more info here: https://support.office.com/en-us/onedrive

Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be opened and edited in your web browser, alternatively you can open the full version of these if you need to do a great deal of editing. The online versions do not have a ‘Save’ button as this is done in the background as you work. PowerPoints can be played in the browser without having to run the full PowerPoint program. You can find out more from here: https://support.office.com/