Cashless payment in the Dining Room

The change to the new cashless system in the dining room is generally working well and thank you to all those who signed up for the catering biometric system.  Scanning has already taken place and is by far the quickest way of paying for lunch.  If you missed out and would like your child to be scanned, please complete the consent form HERE or a paper copy is available from the main school Reception.  Once completed, please return it to Reception so that we may record your consent. Students should then go to the IT Office on the 1st floor next to M1 where Mr Luker will complete the process.  Once scanned, students will be able to use the biometric system in the kitchen.  If your child is not using the scanner, please can we take this opportunity to remind them to use the PIN provided to them on scanning day.  Don’t forget, the system will become entirely cashless. The last day for accepting cash will be Friday 31st March.  If you are having difficulty accessing ParentPay, please contact Finance@chippingsodburyschool.com where staff will be happy to help.