Work Experience


Work Experience at Chipping Sodbury School is a one week programme available to every Year 10 student.  The student spends three days with an employer of their choice and carries out a range of jobs as directed by the employer. It is essentially like having a 'real job' for three days.  Two days will be spent in school attending workshops, mock interviews, and a certificated first aid course.

Some placements are easier to find than others and many placements book up a year in advance.  In the challenging economic climate, companies are offering fewer placements and students need to work hard to find a place.  July is also a very popular time for schools to send out their students on work experience, so expect a lot of competition.  Students who do not find a work experience placement will be accommodated in school. 

You can download more information by following the links below or by contacting us on 01454 862900 or E-mail: wex@chippingsodburyschool.com